First Friday- Old City


First of all let me just say that I’ve lived in Philadelphia for almost four years and I have never heard of first friday, and might I add, I’m so glad I was told about it. I was surprised by how crowded and the atmosphere was simply amazing. I dragged a couple of my friends and they enjoyed it to the max. While I was walking I was shocked to see one of my friends showing his paintings in the festival. We got to talk and he told me more about First Fridays. In addition, there were performers and food and drinks provided. The energy was off the hook, it was simply amazing. I would totally recommend attending if you haven’t yet, it’s an unforgettable experience. I might attend the one coming up!

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The Liar- Temple University


I have attended multiple productions from Temple University, however, this one was not the most outstanding. I actually was disappointed with how small the stage was. They could have used the bigger stage to make it more professional, but for some reason they used the smaller one, which was backstage. On the other hand, I like how the stage was set up, which was surprising. The acting..meh, not the best. I didn’t really like the set up of how the audience were looking into the stage, it was a bit annoying to have the actors give you their backs at times. Overall, I liked the story behind “The Liar,” however, I didn’t like the production.

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Kun-Yang Lin Dancers


I attended this wonderful Kun-Yang Lin dancing show. I was impressed by how talented the dancers were. It seems like they were professionals, which is weird cause they strike you as students. They were touring, and I was fortunate enough to attend the one in Philadelphia. They only had two shows in Philly before they went on with their tour. It was pretty awesome knowing the history of the show, since the coach came to our class and talked a bit about the how’s and what’s.

Overall, as long as I didn’t sleep through it, then it’s pretty creative and catchy.

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PIFA Festival- Philadelphia, PA


Yet another festival. I attended the PIFA festival in Philadelphia, and it was amazing! The atmosphere, the weather..PERFECTION! They had streets all shut down from broad st/walnut st to broad st/south st. They had food, music, everything you can think of. I’m just glad my friend hit me up to attend, otherwise I’d be in bed eating sushi and watching another episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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Conscious exclusive at H&M: More sustainable fashion full of Hollywood glamour‏






Hollywood glamour comes to H&M this spring with Conscious Exclusive – a party wear collection made from more sustainable materials. The collection features clothing and accessories for both men and women, and is part of H&M’s Conscious work to offer more sustainable fashion. Materials used in the collection include organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and Tencel. The Conscious Exclusive collection will be available in around 140 stores worldwide as well as online from April 4, 2013.

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تمت دعوتنا من قبل شركه محمد حمود الشايع لافتتاح مطعم ڤيراندا الواقع في هارڤي نيكولس بجراند أفنيوز ، كانت اجواء المطعم جميله وهادئه ويتميز بديكورات رائعه من تصميم المصمم العالمي
Adem Tihany










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A Minor Cycle Review


I had to attend a show in Philadelphia for one of my classes, The Creative Spirit. The show was called a Minor Cycle. I attended that show, having no idea what to expect. Unfortunately, I should have looked it up ahead of time. Since the play started till it ended, I just had no idea what happened. I do understand it’s a different kind of play, segmented to a specific kind of group. However, I felt like, half of the audience were disinterested in the play, because whenever I looked around, I couldn’t help but realize the number of people on their phones.

Moreover, I don’t think the play was designed for everyone. It’s meant to be seen by a specific group, a group that has the knowledge and background about the history of the play. Any other person who would attend A Minor Cycle with no expectations would just leave, being confused.

In Conclusion, I just had no idea what was going on throughout the whole play,  especially the fact that it was 5 plays in 1, which just made it worse for me.


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