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If Just Every Phone Was Like Vonage

An international phone, saves so much money! you pay only nearly $25 and you can talk as much/long as you want..that means UNLIMITED phone calls. It helped me and my family a lot. The only thing is, that the line … Continue reading

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Review: Predators

One of the most worst, boring and predictable movies I have ever been to. Totally not recommendable at all. A movie you would mostly see on MBC Action while flipping around having your dinner wanting to watch something, even then … Continue reading

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Titanic 2?

It seems that there is a Titanic 2 coming out soon! It looks like a total FAAAAILL! Looks boring, it just seems..pointless! Don’t you guys think so?

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50% Discount on All Boss Orange Men Items.

50% discount on all Boss Orange Men items for 3 days only starting Thursday July 29. Offer available in Marina Mall 25723763 and The Avenues 22597570.

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NyQuil, The Best Medicine

I want to thank who ever invented this marvelous medicine! If it wasn’t for him/her, I would be wondering around from doctor to doctor! It is magical I tell you! But BAD NEWS: it’s not available in Kuwait..or atleast that’s … Continue reading

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Green Tea Cheesecake

One of the best cheesecakes I’ve tried in my life. I’ve had this green tea cheesecake in Seattle in a restaurant called Blue Fin. Is there a green tea cheesecake for me to try out in Kuwait?

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Saw 7 in 3D

This is the trailer of Saw 7 in 3D! I love Saw movies, they freak me out. And this one is in 3D.. a dream come true! I can not wait.

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