The meaning of Pepsi?

I came across this youtube video, which seemed interesting, since it talked about the meaning of Pepsi. It said that the meanings are “P” for Pay, “E” for every and the second “P” for penny, “S” for saving and “I” for Israel, now combine the words together and read the sentence. I don’t get how people just make up stuff about these popular and successful things. First we had the Starbucks sign, and how it’s related to Israel. And then we had how Micky Mouse had to die, for god sakes and now PEPSI. I would normally say whatever and no comment, but in this one I would say ..LOL. Anyways, this guy keeps going on and on, on what the letters of Pepsi represent and how they are related to Israel..just like everything else is. And for those who hadn’t watched the Micky Mouse video, you can watch it below.


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