Review: Asal Aswad

I’m not a big fan of Egyptian movies, but i know a little bit about them. The movie didn’t reach my expectation, I thought it would be funnier since “Ahmed Hulmi” is in it. Overall, it was okay, it wasn’t thaaaaat bad! it was just okay!

Here is the trailer,


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3 Responses to Review: Asal Aswad

  1. Ahmad Bouskandar says:

    yaaa the movie wasn’t that funny but it was realistic
    the funniest part when e fights with the english teacher haha ;p

  2. Hussein Alqallaf says:

    men na7yetey ana agoul,,,,,,alfilm raa7 ykon funny oo watchable 7ag al egyption aw elley 3aysheen bma9er,,,,,lanhum for sure mareeen bkel maw8eef kan mawjoud bel film,,,,,,so guys 3eshaw bma9er 1 month at least oo redaw 6al3ooh oo ana a36ekum garanteee ankum raaa7 te’97kon akther,,

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