I never knew they had Wendy’s in Dubai, I saw it while wondering around in one of the malls in Dubai called festival city. Anyways, when are they bringing one in Kuwait?

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6 Responses to Wendy’s

  1. Caramela;* says:

    9akoo ili bilq8 o mardaw fta7o ma3ana i like it wayd !!
    O Lasih maradaw fta7aw Arbys ba3ad 7ada latheeth its roost beef burgers !!

  2. ims85 says:

    U need to read more in some blogs 😀
    many blogs wrote about it, and about the opening, they close it long time in Kuwait, due the lost of profit that time, that time Hardees, Macdonlads and Burger king were the new resturants in Kuwait 😀

  3. pein9ne says:

    which floor exactly ?

  4. pein9ne says:

    i know this might be too soon for a comment,, but in which floor do i find that ?.. ty

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