Review: Saso

One of the best restaurant I have tried in Kuwait! The staff were adorable, they helped me with the menu and what to order. What I mostly loved about the restaurant is that they had so many food varieties. They had everything from maki’s to pizza’s to burgers! Saso is definitely a must and you’ll know why when you see the pictures!

Of course, it’s the famous Mojito, it tasted rather fine, a little bit sour though.
Price: 1.450 KD

Buffalo lollipops, they were definitely a hit! totally mouth-watering! a must order when you’re in Saso!
PRICE: 2.450 KD

Chimichanga, ahhh so delicous! I love avocado and it had some in it!
PRICE: 2.450 KD

Phantom Maki, since I’m like the biggest maki’s fan, I had to love this one! I mean you can not hate something which holds a name like this.
Price: 3.650 KD

Main dishes
Prime cheese steak sliders, I loved these. I’ve never tried a steak slider before. And I think I’m going to start ordering them wherever I go!
Price: 3.250 KD

The original chicken sliders, they were nice but those fries! YUMMY!
Price: 2.550

Fettuccine Alfredo, magnificent! I loved how creamy the sauce was.
Price: 3.950 KD

And now..don’t you think it’s a must! 😉

They uploaded a video on their facebook group about how their new free zone Saso looks like,

Locations : Free zone, Sharg and abu halifa
Phone number: 222 51 824 – 237 199 36 – 22 47 68


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5 Responses to Review: Saso

  1. ims85 says:

    bel 3afya, I love Saso too 😀

  2. ims85 says:

    Next time try thier Down town burger 😀

  3. Ali J says:

    Great Review! Saso is one of me and my wifes favorites spots also!

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