Review: Enjoy

Another excellent recommendation from Ansam. I am so glad I knew about this restaurant and had the chance to try it out! It is a total must! I loved everything about the place, the music they played, how cozy the place is and how the food TASTED! The best part is that they have both asian food and BURGERS! yes you heard me, they have both! Cool right? Now, let me start demonstrating the dishes,

Melon Lemonade, so refreshing. I loved the combination!
Price: 1.100 KD

Ocean blue, the name, the look, the taste..perfecto!
Price:1.100 KD

Tom yum soup, it tasted so healthy and warm! so delicious
Price:1.250 KD

Crispy Shrimps, it was so crispy that you can’t stop eating! YUMMY!
Price: 2.550 KD

Bonless buffalo wings, it was so tasty, that me and my friend couldn’t stop talking about the dish the whole day! One of the best in town! This dish is a total must.
Price: 1.700 KD

Main Dishes
Mini Swiss mushroom, it was magnificent! For the mushroom lovers!
Price: 0.600 KD

Mini BBQ Burger, since I’m a big fan of BBQ sauce, I adored this one!
Price: 0.700 KD

Mini Italian Burger, it was so creative, how he had everything together. And the bread? amazing!
Price: 0.700 KD

Overall look,
Amazing burgers!

Shrimps fried rice, so tasty! My friend is obsessed with this dish.
Price: 1.500 KD

Beef teriyaki, it was a superb dish!
Price: 2.750 KD

New York Cheesecake, it was fantastic! So addictive.
Price: 1.550 KD

Berry Delight. Marvelous! The perfect order to end your lunch/dinner.

The map is taken from Ansam
Phone number: 25737573 – 25739573

Visit Ansam’s blog here and here, for more dishes and orders from the delicious Enjoy!


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8 Responses to Review: Enjoy

  1. ansam518 says:

    3alaikom bel3afiaa! Now you will be addicted! I have been going there like crazy and their delivery service is good too 😉 I love it! As a matter of fact I want a burger now… hahaha! Next time try House Burger, its my second favorite after the Swiss Mushroom ❤

    • Abdullah says:

      It is so addictive!!! I’m probably going there whenever I feel hungry…hahaha
      and yeah Next time mission is to try out house burger.

  2. Jackson says:

    so tempting!~
    luv when you do reviews on restaurants, swiss mashroom is a hot choice! i serisouly need to give this place and bakingtray a try!

  3. Abdullah says:

    totally!!! you’re missing on a lot..haha..and saso if u hadn’t tried it yet!

  4. ahmad says:

    from where do u want me to start and finish exaaaactlyyyyyy???!!!!
    the chinese fried rice YUM YUM!! my favorite dish ever
    it was enjoyable with the sooyaa
    the tum yum soup was unusual but it was tastyyy
    the burgers were amaazing
    the ocean blue was better than coke !!!(thats a huge thing to me lol)
    the starters as abdullah always say…mouth watering ;p
    and finally me new york cheese cake …..kanat my best cheese cake in kuwait
    i am soooo definatly going to ENJOY again
    thnx for being my friend and taking me to enjoooy ;p

    • Abdullah says:

      hahahaha a7mad! I loved your analysis, I have to agree with all of what you said.
      And that was actually abnormal for you to prefer the ocean blue on the coke!
      I am glad you enjoyed the experience with me just like I did.
      More to come a7mad get ready! 😀

  5. ahmad says:

    reloading money 2morrow ;p

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