Titanic 2?

It seems that there is a Titanic 2 coming out soon! It looks like a total FAAAAILL! Looks boring, it just seems..pointless! Don’t you guys think so?


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10 Responses to Titanic 2?

  1. Jackson says:

    this is bullshit! i guess hollywood has ran out of ideas!!

  2. washiii says:

    laish 9ar a must ena kela hit movie lazm y9erla akthar mn jez2? y6ay7on 7atha wallah ! so mala da3iiii

  3. ahmad says:

    i think shir6y l fireej l y7i6oona gabil kil film in q8 cinema a7laa !!

  4. Yahya says:

    In my own point of view I believe that when Hollywood made Titanic they created the movie based on real life story and that what made the film popular. But now by making Titanic 2 it’s going to look pointless because there wasn’t another Titanic ship? I agree with you it’s pointless and stupid, but I’m still going to watch the movie.

  5. ims85 says:

    شكله حلو 🙂

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