If Just Every Phone Was Like Vonage

An international phone, saves so much money! you pay only nearly $25 and you can talk as much/long as you want..that means UNLIMITED phone calls. It helped me and my family a lot. The only thing is, that the line has to be American so does the other side of the phone call. The setting up is all online, so you dont have to worry if you don’t live there. Plus, neither of the two have to live there for it to work. So if you are leaving for quite a while buy it and and the other person has to have it too, and each pay $25 a month! However, if one of you guys live in the States, only one person needs vonage. The perfect thing is that the whole phone is for FREE! Just pay the monthly rate.

It sounds like I’m really advertising this phone right? But I can’t help it, it makes me happy when I remember how much I’m saving! 😀

A creative Vonage commercial,

click here to enter Vonage’s official website.


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2 Responses to If Just Every Phone Was Like Vonage

  1. yousef says:

    i use VONAGE =D

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