Review: Triangle Restaurant

This restaurant is one of a kind, it serves so many kinds of sandwiches. The cool thing is, that they serve their sandwiches with a TRIANGLE shaped bread! Amazing isn’t it? The uncool thing is, that the place is kind of tiny, but HEY! They deliver! Enough talking, here’s the food,

Potato cheese balls, I fell in love with the sauce!
Price: 1.250 Kd

Bonless chicken wings, tasted ranch-y .. 😀
Price: 1.350 KD

Six of all (mini), they were just fantastic! I’m in love with the way they look, it’s like a combination of food and imagination! Love it!
you can choose any six, so I chose:
Heavy: cheddar cheese, bacon, crispy onion rings, & their special balsamic sauce.
Hongo: Swis cheese, grilled mushroom, caramelized onion & their barbecue-ranch sauce.
Berro: Rocca leaves, pomegranate,  swiss cheese & their special balsamic sauce.
C4: Jalapeno, cheddar cheese and spicy sauce
Manay: Fresh lettuce, cheddar cheese caramelized online, topped with our french manay sauce.
Pollo: Lightly breaded chicken breast, cheddar cheese, lettuce, jalapeno and buffalo spicy sauce.
Price: 3.650 KD

Location: Qurain City Markets, Restaurant Complex Building Jawaher A
For delivery: 2547-1313 or 55-5040-86
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4 Responses to Review: Triangle Restaurant

  1. 3ateeja says:

    yumyum loooks delicious !!!
    i have to cheat & give a try next week ! 😀

  2. ims85 says:

    طلع يمنا باسواق القرين

    وانا اقول وين مكانه

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