Just arrived at Philadelphia, PA to continue my education. I’ll be updating you with what’s new, cool and worth talking about in the States! First things first, I’ll go check out the first and original Philly steak place, I’ll update you with the pictures after I check it out! Stay tuned 😀


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10 Responses to Philadelphia

  1. washiii says:

    woooooow 3ajeeb ilview.. yallah na6ren jedeeedk 😉

  2. nq says:

    Lucky you! after all, Philly has the greatest football team 😉
    Don’t forget to stop by the Moroccan restaurant by south street.

  3. MonMon says:

    Good luck with your education , and wish you a happy days there 😀

  4. Jackson_58 says:

    7emdillah 3la esalama dude ;p ee w update us with everything over there =D

  5. abdullah says:

    I recommend the launch trucks… some of them are really good.. and try the famous gino’s cheesesteaks

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