Capital District Clothing

A friend of mine brought me a shirt before leaving to Philly, and it was a shirt with the Kuwaiti flag and the national anthem on it. I loved it and thought the idea was amazing. I love how Kuwaiti people are creating these amazing things. Keep up the good work guys!
To check out more of their clothing go to their facebook group and check them out.


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6 Responses to Capital District Clothing

  1. MonMon says:

    Amazing i luv it 🙂

  2. washiii says:

    allaaaaaaah fekra 7elwa talbes 3alam il kuwait bara 😉

    oo ee I LOVE their products.. so creative mashallah..

    3alaik bel 3afya ;D

  3. Bibi says:

    Thank you so much for all ur comment.. i am the wife of the designer..

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