Vimto In a New Way

While my friends and I were having fetour, I asked for Vimto, but instead I had something different, but quit similar. And then it turned out that my friend made a combination of Vimto with Sprite/7up. It tasted WAY better than the typical Vimto! So I discussed how tasteful it was, and then another friend told me about his own combination of Redbull and Vimto! I was amazed with how Vimto can be used in so many different and tasteful ways! I didn’t try the redbull with Vimto, since I’m not a big fan of Redbull, but the combination of sprite/7up and Vimto is totally recommendable with fetoor! ENJOY 😀

Thanks Aziz

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20 Responses to Vimto In a New Way

  1. Interesting. Will definitely give it a try!

  2. The guy that made food says:

    So the food wasn’t any good i guess

  3. Abdulaziz Eisa says:

    bel3afya, a’6ab6ek 😛

  4. the guy who ate most of the food (w did the ma3bouch:p) says:

    the guy who made the food: el-food mn eedik a7la food.. ma 3alaaik mn elbaajy

  5. The guy that made food says:

    🙂 thank you for eating most of the food. Makes me feel better.

  6. ims85 says:

    I prefer it with water and adding some suger, it will be taste less suger than redbull and 7up 😀

  7. Tazmania says:

    lol we definitely need to change the VIMTO tradition :p

  8. the boudoir. says:

    sounds good! and although im no fan of vimto im definately a 7up one;p

  9. downstreamlife says:

    I started making this very same “cocktail” when I heard that some restaurant actually offers it not sure which one though. it’s awesome, you should try vimto with lemon-concentrate it tastes like strawberry lemonade 🙂

  10. MonMon says:

    Lol Interesting , Me and my family also have a combination it’s between Vimto and Tang orange it’s not fizzy but taste good ^.^

  11. 3ateeja says:

    ee nafs Italian soda chthy yswona ay syrup m3a 7up o jreb tatres el-cup crushed ice o 7e6 shwai tang y9er 63ma china 7law yumi !

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