My Trip to D.C with NUKS

NUKS were kind enough to do a soccer tournament in Washington D.C to all the students in the U.S. They provided us with the best food ever. It was a really fun activity. Looking forward for more similar activities. 😀
That was the winning team. Congratulations! 😀 After they gave them their medals and cups, we had the best food, I’m writing this while I’m starving, I don’t think that’s a good idea! Anyways here are more pictures of this fun activity.


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8 Responses to My Trip to D.C with NUKS

  1. Washiii says:

    allaaaah wanasaaaa ;D fekra wayed 7elwaa ! 3afya 3alehom wallah!

    o akel 3arabi ib america? 9adgni 7ata law mo 7elo btaklon a9ab3kom warah ;p
    bel 3afyaa

  2. noon says:

    my god 9dmny il akel 😛
    3alekom bil3afia

  3. 3ateeja says:

    ahaa esalfa feha 3yosh !! i think that’s why u said :”the best food ever”:P
    & great pic’s 😀

  4. Chirp says:

    Aham shay el 6eeran, khoosh mazaj! Shakla wanasa :p
    3alaikum bil 3afya 🙂
    I think I see my cousin in the group picture!

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