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When Guys Get The Chance To Beat A Girl

LOL! Advertisements

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The Cast Of Sound Of Music Reunite On Oprah!

After 45 years! Such a wonderful interview

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World Series Fight in McDonald’s

I call this the MAC-FIGHT, but seriously, they probably were fighting over the last mac-chicken. 😀

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Lets Take A College Course On Lady GaGa!

So apparently, University of South Carolina will teach a course next semester with the following title — Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame. Yeah, I would definitely prefer attending that class over calculus! NOW I DEMAND  A “RASHED ALMAJED … Continue reading

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Katy Perry-Firework

Such an inspirational and amazing video..

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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park

Location: Yas Island- Abu Dhabi Click here to enter their website Thanks Hamoud

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“الروب” يقضي على “الكرش”

ضرورة تناول “الروب” ثلاث مرات يوميا، حتى يحافظ على كثافة العظام والكتلة العضلية، ويزيد من قدرة الجسم علي فقد الدهون، ويقلل من خطر الإصابة بسرطان القولون‏. للاسف الكرش مشكله بين الكويتين..من هل مجابيس والبن ونوم الظهر بعد الاكل ..وعدم ممارسه … Continue reading

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