Vanilla Tea

Okay, so I am the last person to crave tea, but my friend insisted on me trying the vanilla tea at Starbucks, and so I did. And it turned out to be great! I like my tea sweet, so I added a lot of honey and brown sugar 😀 Any other tea suggestion for me to try out?


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12 Responses to Vanilla Tea

  1. 3ateeja says:

    apple cinnamon tea madri shno esma bel ‘9b6 bs DONT EVER try it !! :p it’s just a warning not suggestion 😀
    suggestion:tazo passion tea bs madry etha mawjod in Starbucks el-q8 !

    • Abdullah says:

      oh i tried teh passion fruit tea bamreka too! I didn’t like it so much..o el vanilla I tried it bamreka too..I’m not sure etha mawjod bil Kuwait. and thanks for tellin us about the cinnamon tea 😛

  2. Shoosh says:

    can I get a thank you…

  3. Barrak says:

    Try refresh tea

  4. Randy says:

    You must try Dilmah’s Pepperment English Toffee Ceylon tea … die, die, die!!

    I’m an American and you know how we’ve bastardized tea by adding ice 🙂

    I love this tea hot and with a sachet of Splenda.

    Check for it at TSC or LuLu.

  5. 1805 says:

    I hear someone in philly makes GREAT chai 7aleeb, have you ever tried it?

  6. Try the English Breakfast Tea with either one or two pumps of Irish Cream!

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