My New Best Friend “Zereshk”

Since my last post about the dried cranberries, my dear friend Saad was kind enough to give me his dried cranberries. Now my mission is to make it look more like this(picture below)
Any one wants to help with telling me how it’s done? Any recipes?

Thanks Saad Bahbahani


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9 Responses to My New Best Friend “Zereshk”

  1. Caramela;* says:

    Maybela shai ;p
    7i6 zibda ib smal pan o galil il7arara 3alai then put the cranberries o itshofhom yntafkhon shwai then shela o bss it teasts so good ;D

  2. NafNoof says:

    Yummy .. i love Zereshk .. W 7addy craving that pic wth white rice w kabab ..
    To do that .. i used 2 wash it several times to get it well cleaned .. Ra7 tshof the good ones will stay in the bottom of the plate wel bajy by6fa7 ;p then wash it again and again .. Y3ni 5times chethy ..
    Then chop shwayyat onion w 7msa m3a shwayyat zait .. Then add zeresht lma yentfe5 ;p then add shwayyat may el za3faran 4 color ..
    Brown some pine nuts wthout any oil or butter and add it 2 the zereshk! W bl 3afyaa .. W abi ana al7een shloon!! ;p

  3. Caramela;* says:

    Yuup o bi9er sour ba3ad !!

  4. 1805 says:

    I just called grandmother for you, and she taught me how to prepare it. very simple.

    Prepare the rice first 🙂

    1- take out a handful of zereshk
    2- take a small Istikana for tea (7i6 feeha rubu3 may ward (rose water) o rubu3 boiled water o add a small spoon of za3faran and small spoon of sugar) stir it with the spoon and leave it.
    3- Take a small pan and add some oil and chopped onions. i7mis il onions and when the onions are almost brownish add some pine nuts (9nobar) and mix with wooden spoon, then add the zereshk to the onions and pine nuts and mix with wooden spoon for 2 or 3 minutes max or until u think the zereshk is tender.
    4- add the mix from the istikana to the zereshk
    5- Now you have ur sticky mix of zereshk 🙂
    6- Call me to tell u shlune tanchiba 3al 3eish cause it will be a disaster if i write it hahahaha

  5. Washiii says:

    Mashallah il banat ma ga9araw, kafaw o wafaw

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