KhalidDolce: Friends Who Lie

So are you basically surrounded by any liars?
او الناس الي اتحب تتفلسف وتقط صواريخ؟

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8 Responses to KhalidDolce: Friends Who Lie

  1. alm0na says:

    LoL hes true i know some ppl like that ;/

  2. Washiii says:

    waaaaaaaaaay shno ybe6 chabdi hal ensan! QAAAATHEEEETH! qa9b yabi ytkalam kuwaiti!
    although enah ynarfez ela he has a point ! wain ely ib bali 5al tesma3 LOL

  3. bo 5aja says:

    wdy a9ika kafff

  4. alnoury says:

    he actually talks facts
    bas in freaknly stupid ugly gayish accent
    he is not normal me laugh so much 1 ,2 vidios bas more than that is sick

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