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No Smoking In The Avenues

I just saw this on the automatic doors in the avenues. I find this really pleasing, since there are a lot of non-smokers who get disturbed by smokers. But do you really think this simple sign will stop smokers from … Continue reading

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P0ach’s: “I Love Kuwait” Video Competition

I would like to start by saying how wonderful of a competition this is. It’s amazing how you can express your feelings about Kuwait within a couple of minutes ! For once it’s nice hearing about the positive things and … Continue reading

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Guest Writer ” Saad Bahbahani”: The Art of Censorship: Open in Kuwait Only

A foreigner asked me the other day, “How can we stop corrupting the minds of our children?” As a Kuwaiti, I know a whole bunch of stuff on how to protect children from the real world of course! For I’ve … Continue reading

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The Village People Are Back And They’re Shaking It


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Review: Tangled

Such a wonderful movie, true that me and my friend were the only adults in the movie, but the hell with it! It was totally worth it. Such a beautiful story, disney did a good job. I highly recommend watching … Continue reading

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Guess Who?

I bet this is a hard one 😉 Hint: An actor, but in which movie?

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Drinks Filled Up From The Bottom

What the…. How the…. But… Via

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