AzizRants With Shitsawii

Such cool two video’s they made together, while hanging out in the NUKS conference in Miami. Who would ever thought of them doing a video together? Anyways, you know what’s going to be even cooler? Having KhalidDolce & Twinz in the same video with AzizRants & Shitsawii!! 😀

Here are the video’s


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4 Responses to AzizRants With Shitsawii

  1. AMA says:

    Ambeeeee .. they are so cute together ;p
    Shway as5af el sha3b ;p

  2. alm0na says:

    OMG i love them so awesome and funny guys 😀

  3. El Capitano says:

    Stupid + Boring + mako sh’3L w sa5afa + Aziz = Fuckin Gay

    Allah yaster 3ala shababna bs.. el nas ele barra el q8 etha shafaw hatha el jens shbegoloon ?

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