Heathrow’s Disaster!!! British Airways Disaster!! My Disaster!

So let me start by apologizing for not updating my blog for quiet a while. I was going through finals, and I did not have any time. Anyways, so the story you all have been waiting for. Okay, My flight is supposed to leave to Kuwait from JFK/NY at 6:55 pm on the 19th of december, Sunday evening. As most of you know, I live in Philadelphia which is an hour and a half away from NYC. I’ve been told about this shuttel that picks you up from your house and drops you at JFK airport in less than two hours, so I was like PERFECT! So I called them and arranged everything, and they said they’re picking me up at 10:30 am. I was like fine..that’s a bit early, but the earlier the better, right?

So I woke up the morning of my flight at 8 am to adjust everything and make sure I didn’t forget anything. However, I only slept 4 hours, because I’m that kind of a person who can’t sleep when you having something important going on the next day. The shuttle comes and picks me up at 10 AM, with me in the same shuttle there are around 8 people. Anyways, one thing led to another, he got me to JFK at 2:30 pm..do u know what that means? That means it took him 4 AND A HALF HOURS!!

So I get out of the shuttle, walking to my terminal to check in at British Airways to fly back to my beloved Kuwait. And I see this LOOOOOONG line..and I’m like what the hell is going on over there? I didn’t care I was like “good luck to them!” So I go to check in and that girl who works there tells me my flight got CANCELED..and I’m like..”SAY WHAAT???” And she’s like it’s cancelled..I literally freaked out! I never experienced a cancelled flight before, I had no idea what to do.
So I ask her what to do, and she goes like ..”you see that long line over there? Yes you wait there to get your flight reebooked” and I’m like ” Oh hellll NO!”. I started staying in line starting at 3 pm, hoping it’ll not take me more than 2 hours, and hoping I’ll find a ticket the same day or the next day. Time goes by, and it became 6 PM! And then my phone goes off! my day couldn’t get any worse, but it does, unfortunately!

So I stayed in line for 3 hours..and I kept moving each 30 minutes..and the line was LOOONNNGG..people freaking out, complaining, leaving, shouting..and I’m like ..”please god get me out of here!” So I was finally close to the girl who rebooks your ticket..but guess what time it was? 11 PM!! No seriously it was 11 PM! wait I need to get this in bold..IT WAS 11 PM! Again..you know how long I waited in that line? 8 freaking hours!! wait this needs to be in bold too! 8 FREAKING HOURS! Was I mad? I was furious actually! I was alone, I had no phone on me..I couldn’t even move from the line to grab something to eat or drink, just not to lose my place!

So I finally got there, and I sit and tell her, please get me back home to Kuwait as soon as possible, and she goes like I’ll see what I can do..she kept playing with the keyboard for 10 minutes..For a minute there, I really thought she was playing online!! And then she suddenly goes..the earliest I can get you is december 21st, which was actually 3 nights from the day I was there. I refused of course! I told her, no I need to be back home earlier! Please find me something. And she kept repeating this sentence” Sir, I’ve been doing this for 10 years, I think I know what am I doing”. I wanted it to punch her in the face! That was  not the best attitude to get after having your flight cancelled and having to wait in line for 8 hours!

Anyways, so I had no choice, but at least they had me in a hotel which was payed for, and they gave us a 15 dollar vouchers for breakfast and a 30 dollar voucher for dinner. So, I was basically stuck in New York, and the hotel spot isn’t the best, since Manhattan is an hour away. So, my flight is today, I’m taking Eygptair this time, I’m heading to Egypt and then Kuwait, hoping everything goes smoothly this time (inshala).

You know what I learned from this lesson? NEVER BOOK AN AIRLINE THROUGH EUROPE AT WINTER TIME!


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10 Responses to Heathrow’s Disaster!!! British Airways Disaster!! My Disaster!

  1. Spicy pepper says:

    Bil Salamah inshallah 🙂 be sure to tell us about your Egypt air experience!!

  2. Abdul-Aziz says:

    OMG .. god help u buddy, hope u r back home by now

  3. Salem says:

    Allah y3eenick !! tred bil salama enshallah.

  4. abrar says:

    since I still am living this situation .. indimajt 3adel ;p and the writing in bold cracked me up ;p but u knw wut at least u can avoid travelling through Europe ;p I stidy there…
    I repeat and say JIHAD ;p

  5. “For a minute there, I really thought she was playing online!!”

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