Modern Family Obsession

Modern Family is one amazing T.V show, I just started watching it and in two days I got to episode 14!! Yes I’m that obsessed. It’s too funny. I can’t believe I missed two years of my life without it. My brother q8blackmarket tells me to start watching the office, I might give that one a try. Any other recommendations?


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8 Responses to Modern Family Obsession

  1. Moody Pants says:

    Theres nothing like Modern Family !! season 2 has some really funny episodes, keep watching 😀

  2. Mariam says:

    my favs are modern family, the big bang theory, and how I met your mother… I’ve started watching the IT crowd.. It’s a good show ;p

  3. downstreamlife says:

    I bet you’re watching it because sofia vergara is in it….it’s a darn good reason though 😉

  4. Modern family is a funny show .. look for (The Middle) .. if you liked Malcolm in the middle, then you will definitely love this! 🙂

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