Gas Is Killing Us

Yes that’s how expensive gas is in the U.S. To just let you imagine, I use regular and to fill up my tank, I usually pay between $65-$70. Thank god for the gas we have back home, in Kuwait.


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8 Responses to Gas Is Killing Us

  1. brownsuger says:

    What’s your car?

  2. Abdulla says:

    ee wallah thank god for our country .

  3. ROro says:

    every time $65-$70 !!
    wallah ‘3ali
    i pay 4 my car 15$ a week here in KUWAIT , al7emdellah !!

  4. jeep liberty? 3a6ny bal3 Banzeen! 😛 ana kan 3endy Nissan Titan truck oo shagny shag .. hel sa3a sayara amreekiya 😛 Allah ye3eenik!

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