Starbucks: Cake Pops

So apparently, Starbucks has a new kick, a combination of lollypops and cakes “the cake pops.” They have them in three flavors as shown in the picture, I tried the birthday cake lollypop, and it tasted amazing, but they seem to finish in three bites 😦 I’m not really sure whether they are available in Kuwait or not, however they are in the U.S.


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8 Responses to Starbucks: Cake Pops

  1. LadyB says:

    Nope, we didn’t get them yet !
    the one with marshmallows looks yum !

  2. I hope they bring them to Kuwait they look good!

  3. Mohd says:

    i cant wait to try it

  4. F.armaniii says:

    Yum yummy I hope in q8

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