TOMS: It’s More Than Just a Shoe

So I purchased a pair of TOMS the other day and when I opened the box, I found the weirdest thing ever next to my shoes. I found an envelop, I opened it and it had a letter and a bracelet inside’it. Hopefully you guys won’t have a hard time reading the letter, zoom in if you’re having a hard time.
How fascinating is that? I’m supposing you guys know the story behind TOMS: buy a pair of shoes and you donate another pair to the poor? Yeah, incase you didn’t know that, TOMS is one hell of a shoe brand! Anyways incase you REALLY had a hard time reading it I zoomed in and snapped another picture.


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10 Responses to TOMS: It’s More Than Just a Shoe

  1. sara says:

    Wallaah enna hatha TOM khoooosh waaa7d

  2. narine says:

    this is a very hearthwarming experience, specially in this age of carelessness…. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Ali says:

    Are toms available in kuwait? Last time time i bought a pair from uk

  4. Wow thats amazing! Its really nice of them and the letter was very touching. Talk about making you feel good about buying something, no buyers remorse at all!

    Thanks for sharing

  5. ROro says:

    7ada moreeee7 toms !! I LOVE IT
    bs ma 7a6oly letter :p

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