Hearts Of Palm- Short Kuwaiti Movie

As a student as myself, studying in the U.S, this movie moved me. I got the shivers throughout the whole 16 minutes! Brilliant would be a small word to describe this movie. This movie was extraordinary, even beyond that! It was beautiful. I thank those who participated in this movie! I thank those who took the time to make it. And I thank all of you for not forgetting.

A Film set in August 2nd 1990 about Kuwaiti students living in Miami Florida witnessing the traumatic events of the Gulf war. Bader (Bader AlWugyyan) decides to leave the States and go back to his war zone hometown. 
Written & Directed by Faisal AlNashmi a film student studying in University of Miami. 
A ZUBA production
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/23386110]

Thanks Mshari Al-Kanderi


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2 Responses to Hearts Of Palm- Short Kuwaiti Movie

  1. ToTa says:

    amazing !!

  2. caramela;* says:

    i cried a lot 3ala hal movie !!
    bs its amazing mashallah ya36ehum il3afya

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