Saudi Student Charged With Hate Crime After Spitting On Walmart Customers

Nuha Mohammed Al-Doaifi, 21, an engineering student at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, was arrested on a charge of misdemeanour battery at the Palm Bay Walmart.

Authorities say that Al-Doaifi spat in the face of a WalMart customer who was trying to help her after the student was butting her trolley into the exit door of the supermarket.

She also allegedly spat at another customer who ‘got too close to her’, but the spittle managed to miss him.

When she was arrested, she told officers that she was spitting on ‘white people’ because a ‘higher authority’ made her do it and that ‘Americans are pushing us around.’

The incident happened about 1pm on Sunday as Al-Doaifi hit a door with her cart as she was going into the store at 1040 Malabar Road, a report states.

She was with her 15-month-old son, who was sitting in a shopping cart. An item on the cart had saliva on it,

She told Florida Today: ‘She just spit all over me. All I was trying to do was tell her she was coming in through the out door. She was just ramming it into the door.

The state Department of Children and Families turned the boy over to his father when his mother was taken to the Brevard County Jail.

The school’s dean notified the Saudi Arabian Embassy, which counselled her, Martinez said.

Police have initiated procedures to send her back to Saudi Arabia.

Now why would she do such a thing? going around and spitting at their faces? seriously? You should know better. And what does she mean by she’s been told by a higher authority? Anyways, I just hope she doesn’t get in more trouble than what she’s already in.


Thanks Shahad


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3 Responses to Saudi Student Charged With Hate Crime After Spitting On Walmart Customers

  1. ims85 says:

    OMG! am not sure if its true, but if its true she ruined her life 😀

  2. Meshari Sharif says:

    She’s gonna be sent back to saudi arabia because she spat on a person… i know she’s rude n she deserve to be punished, but come on for god sake spitting doesn’t send u to jail, i think what she said about a higher authority is the reason they’re sending her back to KSA. i also think that this is not the whole story something is missing i can feel it. its obvious that someone insulted her, or if she did that for no reason then one of two things (she was drunk LOL, or she was really tensed)

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