Pilpinos Do Hab Sols!

Give me a second here..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m sorry, but..that was epic. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but this is simply HILARIOUS!

Let me state my favorite lines:

-becos I hab a sol OKAY!? ….okay!?
-I mis I act it das nat hertbaht..IT DAS!
-YOU ARE NOT gahd!
-washyur  clodes in de ribayr
-wot is so diprent about mee!
-I laaaab myselp

Thanks @BoZakarya 


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4 Responses to Pilpinos Do Hab Sols!

  1. downstreamlife says:

    ur not god !! … AHOOO !!! XD …. omg this just made my day i can go study now 😛

  2. Reema says:

    I never tire of this video. Cracks me up every. time.

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