The Sweet Potato Diet That’ll Give You a 6 Pack in 3 Days

The other day I was watching interviews on youtube, yes I was that bored. Anyways, so I pass by an interview for Glee’s star Matthew Morrison. And he dished a not really easy way to get a fitter body, but it’s a way after all. Matthew claims that before a photo-shoot he goes on a sweet potato diet to gain a 6 pack in only 3 days. Well, how does he do that? He follows something called a sweet potato diet, that was recommended by his trainer. Sweet Potato diet is basically having one sweet potato for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three straight days, and what it does is shrinks, rips and tightens the body. Interesting ey? I might give this a try someday..


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19 Responses to The Sweet Potato Diet That’ll Give You a 6 Pack in 3 Days

  1. Meshari Sharif says:

    ooooo i want to do try it 😛

  2. Meshari Sharif says:

    lol 9ert far tajarob 😛
    bs la afa 3laik if i did it u’ll be the first one to know the results>>> if i didn’t die of starving 😛

  3. Meshari Sharif says:

    slam 3laik ok 3ayal 😛 chm yom o rad el kuwait o hnak enshallah i’ll do it 😛 😉

  4. ToTa says:

    does it work for females 😛 ?

  5. Meshari Sharif says:

    ask el 5abeer abdullah 😛 since he posted that 😛

  6. Meshari Sharif says:

    check the side effects before u do it LOL 😛

  7. Newq8bride says:

    Ambeeeh Ana maynona I will try it 😉 thank u

  8. Yahya says:

    I think it only works for the thin people. Because logically when some one has a lot of belly fat around his waist, it’s impossible for him/her to lose all of that fat in just three days.

  9. RobbieD says:

    Does this diet allow for any salt or margerine to be added to the sweet potato?

  10. ryleeanderberg says:

    is this for yams or sweet potatos because “yes” they are different

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