Review: True Blood & Grey’s Anatomy

True Blood:
May I just say, it’s one of the best tv shows I have ever seen, I recently started watching from season 1, can you imagine I started season 1 and was done with season 3 in the same week? Yes that’s how addictive it gets! Luckily for you, season 4 just started. By the way, this tv show is probably the most sexual tv show I have ever seen.

Grey’s Anatomy:
I just started watching this too, I probably started a week ago, and I was only done with season 1, I’m half done with season 2 though. I just started watching it due to the massive talk about it, I was curious to know what’s behind that tv show that people can not shut up about! My opinion was that it was okay, but I guess once I started season 2 it got a bit more interesting..

Team true blood or Grey’s anatomy?


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6 Responses to Review: True Blood & Grey’s Anatomy

  1. ToTa says:

    Gray’s anatomy is amazing !! ,… ur gonna love season 3 … but i stopped watching it after i was CRAZY about because arab channels were 2 SEASONS LATE ( before i realized i can watch it online 😛 )

  2. ToTa says:

    and btw .. can you post more stuff about Glee 😛 … i’m totally crazy about it and the dream of my life is to meet chris colfer 😛 … if u didn’t watch it yet you’ll sure love it … have a link for it if u want 😉

  3. Abrar says:

    Both are awesome in different ways. True Blood is just plain addicting!! Every episode ends with a cliff-hanger, you cant stop! INSANE. Grey’s is good but it’s kinda slower than True Blood. If I had to choose…team True Blood. Eric Northman to be exact.

  4. q80indenver says:

    Drop both shows and watch … Breaking bad and Game of thrones!

  5. Bo9loo7 says:

    Greys anatomy > True blood Just my opinion =D

  6. I don’t know true blood 🙂
    bs I’m addicted to Grey’s Anatomy ❤
    9ij Ena b3th al7alqat maleeqa bs overall good
    bs 7safa next season m6wel 22 September 😦

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