Celebrities Before And After

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4 Responses to Celebrities Before And After

  1. ToTa says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhh the MJ pic is just pure awesome XD !!!

    • Anon-Guest says:

      Hi ToTa! So you liked the MJ look? Let me tell you exactly how to get it. Just follow these simple steps:
      1- Burn your scalp. Make sure you get second degree burns that will leave a big bald spot on the top of your head. Of course, it may be a painful process, but you can always take pain medication for the rest of your life.
      2- you can not show up on stage with a bald head, so get a wig to cover it up.
      3- from the shock of the burn, you will develop a disease called Vitiligo. The burning step will give you the shock of your life and that will trigger this auto immune skin disease that will give you colorless blotches all over your whole entire body.
      4- Again, you can not go out in public like this, you will have to cover the uneven skin tone that you now have. So cover it with dark make up, until it spreads even more, this is when you need to go with the lighter shade. Also remember to use sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun that could cause you to have skin cancer. Better yet, use an umbrella if you want to go out in the sun. Don’t forget to be fully dressed, or else the sun can kill you.
      5-Go through verbal abuse about your appearance for the next 20 years. For example, ask someone to make fun of your nose repeatedly until you begin to hate your features. Next, Go to a doctor and ask him to make you more beautiful. Don’t forget to pay him huge amounts of money so that he keeps offering you more and more of his services. He will keep telling you that you need more work done to your face and you will believe him because you will have developed a negative body image attitude by then.
      6- this operation will give you a nasal voice, so fix your nose until you get back your original voice.
      7- Vitiligo will make you lose the natural lines and color of your lips, go with the lipstick.
      8-If you consider yourself a cool person, do not hesitate to wear glittery jackets and aviator glasses.
      8- People will begin to make fun of the way you look until you start believing it. This will make you sad and cause you to have other auto immune diseases as well.
      9- Wow those were some long steps to take to achieve that look. But this last step is the most difficult: You need to have natural swag… I’m just saying.

      OMG I am sure you will look just as awesome as MJ did in that photo!

      *When will the ignorance stop? It’s 2011!
      *I really hope this comment gets published. I mean, TaTo is obviously making fun here and her comment was published, so why shouldn’t mine? We’re both making fun…

      • Anon-Guest says:

        This is a follow up to my previous comment:
        I just want to say that it is not fair to use a picture of a 7 year old and compare it to the same person in their late 40s, while the rest of these celebs’ pics are from closer eras.

  2. Salem says:

    Anon-Guest, well said!

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