Barmait’s Kitchen

Since I love cooking, I came to realize why not share my recipes? So I started this cooking channel for you guys! Enjoy & 3awafi


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A simple guy from your neighborhood
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17 Responses to Barmait’s Kitchen

  1. 3ateeja says:

    men can cook ! walla it looks tasty i’ll try it after i finish my diet ! 😛
    teslam eedik

  2. 1805 says:

    THIS ROCKS!!! Keep it up 🙂

  3. Katkoota xD says:

    It looks yummy
    And easy to make as well
    Especially for students abroad xD

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  5. TKG says:

    Men can cook! I want to know is there any place in Kuwait where I can learn more about cooking as a man! I know trying in the kitchen is the best way but I want to try and work on creative ideas that taste good as well as aren’t available in restaurants

  6. Abdul-Aziz says:

    awesome dude, but TOO much butter

  7. I was actually gonna comment why you didn’t add breadcrumbs turns out there’s two different versions for Shrimp Scampi the American version(What you cooked) and the British version(Breadcrumbs) since am veggie i don’t know the diff in taste am going to give you a few tips on Brit scampi try mixing the lemon juice,garlic cloves and a bit of butter leave your shrimps in to marinate a bit mix the parsley and the breadcrumbs(i say get Panko breadcrumbs sold in Sultan Centre with all the funny jap writing on it) in two other seperate bowl’s have a bowl for flour and one with one egg whisked with a tiny bit of milk in,next dip the shrimp in the bowl containing the flour then into ur egg wash bowl then into your panko breadcrumbs and set aside place in freezer for about 20-30 minutes then deep fry them, you could also buy string cheese(use google image if you don’t know what i mean) i buy mine from Sultan C use the same breadcrumb technique(freeze these as well) add a bowl of salsa or ketchup and tada ”Mozzarella sticks” Good luck in cooking Abdullah 🙂

  8. p.s forgot to add when you buy the string cheese cut it in half so 1 string cheese should= 2 ”mozzarella sticks”

  9. downstreamlife says:

    Moaaaaaaaaaaaaar!! ya salam 3ala thoqek bel akel…3ad w lamman te6ba5. all I gotta say is keep these vids comin

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