Rice Pudding Factory

Now open! For the first time in Kuwait a place named “Rice PuddingFactory,” it seems like an ice cream shop but only it is all rice pudding. Youwill see Raspberry cheesecake rice pudding… cookie and cream rice pudding..Tiramisu rice pudding and more..
Rice Pudding is a feel good dessert that is loved byeveryone. It is a custardy creamy rice dessert that tickles your mouth as theirslogan says “It is what happiness tastes like.”
In many counties people are eating and enjoying Rice Puddingin different flavors with different cooking methods. Theyserve it hot and cold in modern way, suiting all tastes.
Visit them at Nuzha Block 3 Branch (next to Starbucks) andenjoy tasting different flavors” until you discover your flavor of the day!
1- Choose your flavor
2- Choose your size
3- Add your toppings
4- Enjoy the moment
They are passionate about what they do; they do it with joyand lots of smiles.
Contact them on:
Phone: +(965)55479001
Email: info@ricepuddingfactory.com
Website: http://www.ricepuddingfactory.com

Follow them on:
Twitter: @RicePuddingFtry
Facebook: Rice Pudding Factory




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