A Minor Cycle Review


I had to attend a show in Philadelphia for one of my classes, The Creative Spirit. The show was called a Minor Cycle. I attended that show, having no idea what to expect. Unfortunately, I should have looked it up ahead of time. Since the play started till it ended, I just had no idea what happened. I do understand it’s a different kind of play, segmented to a specific kind of group. However, I felt like, half of the audience were disinterested in the play, because whenever I looked around, I couldn’t help but realize the number of people on their phones.

Moreover, I don’t think the play was designed for everyone. It’s meant to be seen by a specific group, a group that has the knowledge and background about the history of the play. Any other person who would attend A Minor Cycle with no expectations would just leave, being confused.

In Conclusion, I just had no idea what was going on throughout the whole play,  especially the fact that it was 5 plays in 1, which just made it worse for me.



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