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Barmait on Bazaar’s Dining Guide

Bazaar Dining Guide is a unique magazine that comes out only once a year, and cover so many things from interviews with food lovers, restaurant reviews, menu’s and more! You can grab your free dining guide at restaurants, banks, embassies and … Continue reading

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AMAZING Kuwaiti Local Musician

Nawaf al Gheraibah Kuwaiti musician who breaks cultural boundaries with his new age fusion music ,  is a half Kuwaiti, half Indian/Portuguese musician . His music is FREE to download on his webpag FB ملحن كويتي مبدع ألحانه عباره عن مزيج كويتي … Continue reading

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Bloggers Gathering At Zain

It was our pleasure to attend the bloggers gathering with zain’s Chiefs and directors. We had the chance to share our thoughts about Zain, whether they were positive or negative. They also gave us a tour at the calling center, … Continue reading

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فيديو وصور: كويتي ينهى حياته بالرصاص امام مخفر العدان

على وقع «أنا المهدي المنتظر»، و«وصلتني اوامر بالموت» انهى مواطن حياته باطلاق الرصاص على نفسه امام مخفر العدان بعدما فشلت مفاوضات رجال الأمن والمباحث وتوسلات ابنيه في اثنائه عن القرار الذي كتب به خاتمة حياته. المواطن، ووفق مصدر امني، كانت سجلت … Continue reading

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Who Drives Best? Men OR Women?

I read q8blend’s post about whether women should be driving or not. Which made me think, who’s a better driver men or women? place your votes below 😉

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New Blog: Lady B Wonderland

I’ve been following Lady B‘s blog for a while. I find it unique, interesting and amusing ;). The blog involves fashion, food and much more. Check it out here

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