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You Hate Sushi? I Got You The Solution!

If you know me, you’d know that I exist in this world because of sushi. Anywho, now the bigger problem are those humans who dislike sushi. I’m not going to get into this issue right now, I’m just going to … Continue reading

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In Love With Reese’s

I think this chocolate cups is going to make me as fat as an elephant, but I can not help stop eating them! They are so delicious..which leads me to my question, is this available in Kuwait?

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My Trip to New York

My friends and I, decided to do something different this weekend. So, we hopped into our cars and off to New York! It was a two hour road trip from Philadelphia to New York. We got there 15 minutes after … Continue reading

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عند تجولنا في مدينه بون الالمانيه وجدنا هذا المتجر المتخصص بالشوكالاته marshmallow And more from

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My earliest posts were all about sugar, but I can’t help it, maybe I’m hungry? Or simply maybe that my day was so sugary! 😀 I’m not really sure where else this place exists, but what I’m sure about is … Continue reading

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Got Snacks? Insects Maybe?

I can’t describe how disgusting watching insects being sold as snacks. I’ve witnessed these insects being sold  in a candy’s store called IT’SUGAR in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The insects totally caught my eyes between all candies. They were so … Continue reading

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