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What Have Life Given You?

What have life given you? What have you accomplished? What have “I” accomplished? Did you reach the part where you’re just satisfied? ..are you actually satisfied? ..but then again, how do you know you are? Have you found love? have you … Continue reading

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Salwa Almutairi On Fox News

Girl has gone wild

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Dawrat is a website dedicated to combine all training centers under one umbrella so that it makes it easier for you to find appropriate training, seminar or course required in any area. In addition it serves as adirectory which assists … Continue reading

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Why Love One But Eat The Other?

A brochure was passed to me while walking around the city. It was a pretty interesting brochure. As you can tell from the cover it’s supporting vegetarians and raising a campaign to stop eating meat.

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الاخت سعودية ؟

What do you guys think? Do women have the right to work everywhere and anywhere? Or are there specific jobs they shouldn’t consider? Thanks Khalid Nazar

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لي متى هل غبار؟

شكله بيوصلنا امريكا Pic Via

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Valentines Day? With Or Against?

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