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Heidi Klum’s Halloween Customs

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Kuwait International Airport During Ramadan Is a Big No No

No no and no. I was at Kuwait International Airport to take my flight to Philadelphia. However, I get paranoid before any trip I have, so I usually go 3 hours in advance to the airport and guess what? I … Continue reading

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Disney Girls Are SO MEAN!!

Ugh not only girls in real life are mean, but even in the imaginary world they are. Isn’t it enough that we had to hear haleema bashing every creature backstage. Now we see that disney girls are mean too? Ugh … Continue reading

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Cutest Lyrics

As single as you guys are, you’ll relate. You’ll find the lyrics funny but sweet at the same time. Or you’ll probably just see them as 15 year old girl singing a crush song, depending on how romantic you are. … Continue reading

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مقطع مؤثر جدا من مسلسل ساهر الليل ٢

Probably one of the most touching scenes I’ve seen on “saher el lail.” For those who are not watching the tv show, you are certainly missing out! The touching part starts from 9:35-12:00. Maram did an amazing job.

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 Shake shack is closed , due to the equipment that makes the burgers are down . thanx latifa

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Phoenix Suffers From a Massive Dust Storm

Apparently, we are not the only people who are meant to suffer from the dust storms we get every weekend. This reminds me of the storm that hit Kuwait a couple of months ago, am not sure which is stronger though. This … Continue reading

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