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روايه هوس

هوس روايه غير عاديه لكاتبه أعتبرها من وجهه نظري أيضا غير عاديه وهي رانيا السعد  – ولاده قصه إجتماعيه حقيقيه كتبتها رانيا باسلوب مشوق ومتوحش أنصح بقرائتها Advertisements

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Hurricane Irene Hits Philadelphia Strongly

I’m sure, you guys already heard and knew what was going on, unless you live in a cave. Anywho, so since the day I arrived in Philly the hurricane started, talking about bad luck? Yeah I know. Anyways so unfortunately … Continue reading

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زين الى عالم جميل

بدعوه كريمه من شركه زين ، اسعدني حضور العرض التحضيري النهائي لمسرحيتها زين الى عالم جميل التي ستعرض بعيد الفطر تدور احداث المسرحيه حول شخصيه زين التي تقوم بأدائها شجون وهو شخص فقير ينتقل من عالم سيء تسوده السرقات واللصوص … Continue reading

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Kuwait International Airport During Ramadan Is a Big No No

No no and no. I was at Kuwait International Airport to take my flight to Philadelphia. However, I get paranoid before any trip I have, so I usually go 3 hours in advance to the airport and guess what? I … Continue reading

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I Finally Got My Massage!

So I’ve been whining about how I never got the chance to get a massage since I came back from the U.S. And guess what? I did last night! Can you guess where I had it? fine I’ll spill, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Latifa

My dear friend Latifa celebrated her birthday today , we had a wonderful time. And yes that’s a cake not an actual bag. The cake is from WOW sweets

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Google Knows When Your Internet is Running Slow

And this picture(above) proves it. Fascinating what google can do. I’m not sure if you guys have noticed that before, but I just did. I mean especially with the quality of internet we have here in Kuwait, do I need to … Continue reading

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