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Girl Shut Up!

This is so true, it’s unbelievable. Totally remind me of this girl in my class, she’s like so annoying. OMG, Ugh. Advertisements

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The Art of Can فن العبوه

قمت بزياره معرض “ذ آرت أوف كان” في 360 مول وهو عباره عن اعاده تدوير عبوات مشروب الريد بول وتشكيلها الى لوحات جميله

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Heidi Klum’s Halloween Customs

2011 2010 2009  2008 Via

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What’s Cup-ing/ Cone-ing?

Weird stunts ey? gotta admit it to whoever invented them, kudos

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You Hate Sushi? I Got You The Solution!

If you know me, you’d know that I exist in this world because of sushi. Anywho, now the bigger problem are those humans who dislike sushi. I’m not going to get into this issue right now, I’m just going to … Continue reading

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Twitter’s New Feature

I’m sure you’ve noticed pictures that come up automatically or pressing the display button on the right side of the guy/girl you’ve been stalking at 3 am in the morning every single day. Well, doesn’t that make stalking so much … Continue reading

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Cutest Lyrics

As single as you guys are, you’ll relate. You’ll find the lyrics funny but sweet at the same time. Or you’ll probably just see them as 15 year old girl singing a crush song, depending on how romantic you are. … Continue reading

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