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Guest Writer: Mohammad AlSayegh “The Best Part Of Me Was Always You”

My class assignment was to write a poem using lines from books, magazines, song lyrics, whatever that was published and put them logically into a poem. There’s no escape from love No—you can’t fight it ‘Cause no one wants to … Continue reading

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Guest Writer: قصيده “الحلم” للشاعر حمد المزيني

  الحال ماهو مثل الاول حبيبي تغيرت الاحوال وين يوم كنا مانفترق لحظه باحلامنا حتى تقابلنا اناديك او تنادني او بقمرة حلمي اتحرا صورة وجهك الغالي يا عسى ربي يعودها ايامنا هذي الحلوه واطلب ربي لا يفرقنا او بفرحه دوم … Continue reading

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Guest Writer ” Saad Bahbahani”: The Art of Censorship: Open in Kuwait Only

A foreigner asked me the other day, “How can we stop corrupting the minds of our children?” As a Kuwaiti, I know a whole bunch of stuff on how to protect children from the real world of course! For I’ve … Continue reading

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Guest Writer “1805” :All We Want For Christmas is…

Dear Santa (I hope you exist) or else we’re going to have a problem my friend: This Christmas, my friends and I have been nothing but nice. Throughout the entire year, we had to put up with attitude, drama, and … Continue reading

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Guest Writer “Abrar Al Shimmeri”: Saints or Sinners?

“Zwarat Khamees” was a popular Kuwaiti TV show that many people watched during Ramadan. Written by Hiba Hamada and starring many popular figures (Suad Abdullah, Mohammed Al Mansour, etc), it sparked a lot of controversy. Addressing several societal issues and … Continue reading

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