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Snow White and the Huntsman – Trailer

I’m addicted. I’m addicted. I’m addicted. Charlize Theron killed it! But when Kristen Stewart popped up, all I could think of is when are all the vampires and wolves are gonna pop up too. And is Kristen supposed to be better looking … Continue reading

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Speaking of Scary Movies

While I was waiting for paranormal activity 3 to start, they showed this trailer and it freaked me out! I can not wait for it to premier.

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Review: Paranormal Activity 3

It was okay, I’ve expected better. At one point it gave me a headache from all those camera’s moving, but I survived. I got to say that my favorite is the second one, then comes the first one, then the … Continue reading

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The Avengers Trailer


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Underworld: Awakening Trailer

Guess who’s back, Kate Beckinsale is and not in any movie, but in the underworld! Am I excited? You got that right! Oh I have to warn you guys before watching the trailer, Kate is naked. Oh shoot, did I … Continue reading

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Trailer For Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Is Out!!

Uhoh!! so they did get married, sorry I don’t read books, I only do movies, so I wouldn’t know. The trailer doesn’t seem that exciting. Didn’t include that much action like their other ones, but maybe that’s because this is … Continue reading

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What if One Day You Lose All Your Memories?

This is what’s going on in this movie, The Vow, so touching. Looks like a great one, can’t wait till February! The story behind it looks astonishing. And I mean Rachel McAdams is in it, so it got to be … Continue reading

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