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From Q8 With Love

“I don’t have anything to wear,” whines your average teenage girl to her mother, hinting that she would like a hundred Kuwaiti Dinars and a ride to The Avenues. If her words would be interpreted literally—exactly as they are—one would … Continue reading

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IPhone 5 to be Launched in September

Yes you heard it people, time to get rid of those I-phone 4’s and get ready for the I-phone 5! Seems like it’s going to feature a faster processor. Via 

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I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!

I’m finally back! No more hairy girl posts. I’m pretty sure you guys hated it every time going on barmait and all you can see is that hairy post! Anyways, I apologize for abruptly stopping blogging. I just had so … Continue reading

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Playstation Phone

It looks so freakin’ cool! If I bought it, I would definitely download sonic, mario and crash 😀 It looks more like a gameboy than a phone. But whatever, I don’t care. It will most likely to come out in … Continue reading

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Iphone, Itouch, Ipod, Ipad..AND NOW I-WATCH!

I don’t know whether this technology is new or old, but it’s definitely new to me! But seriously, apple left nothing! It’s making EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. The thing that shocked me is that the clock has a PROJECTOR! But it does … Continue reading

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Fridays’s New Beverages

Tropical Berry Mojito, it may have the name of a mojito, but it tastes nothing like it. It actually tastes like “cocktail almara3i”. Price: 1.950 KD Lynchburg, this one was okay. Although I wouldn’t order it again. Price: 1.950 KD

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مدينة العجائب في دبي تضم أشهر معالم الكرة الأرضية

بعد أقل من سبعة أعوام سيتاح لمن يزور مدينة دبي أن يتجول داخل الأهرامات المصرية، ويزور برج إيفل، ويلتقط صورة تذكارية إلى جوار تاج محل الهندي أو حدائق بابل المعلقة، ولا مانع من أن يعتلي برج بيزا المائل، ومنارة الإسكندرية. … Continue reading

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