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Watch Ramadan’s Full Episodes Here

Tired of missing your favorite tv show? Tired of watching them on youtube with several parts? Well I’m about to save your life, click here and search for your fav tv show and watch it on full without being disturbed. … Continue reading

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مقطع مؤثر جدا من مسلسل ساهر الليل ٢

Probably one of the most touching scenes I’ve seen on “saher el lail.” For those who are not watching the tv show, you are certainly missing out! The touching part starts from 9:35-12:00. Maram did an amazing job.

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حليمة بولند تبكي وتقول قلدو صوتي

Response to this post شرايكم اب كلامها؟ اتهقون صج فبركه؟

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منحه اميريه 200 دينار لكل مواطن كويتي

I’ve received broadcasts through my blackberry, people have been tweeting about this. Not sure whether it’s true or not, they say it’s gonna be received by August 1st and the reason behind it is Ramadan.

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نهايه زواره خميس

I don’t want to ruin it for you, in case you haven’t seen it yet, but the ending is questionable. However, I am happy about one thing, at least now we UNDERSTAND the reason behind the title “zwarat khamees” Finally! … Continue reading

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مقدمة مسلسل ساهر الليل

كلمات : يوسف ناصر الحان وتوزيع : د عامر جعفر غناء : عبود خواجه ساهر مع دمعة شقا ليمن طلوع الشمس والغير فيني مادرى ولحالتي ماحس ساهر مجبور اخاويك ياليل واعشق عتمتك ياليل العشق قتال وآهاته تهد الحيل كيف استريح … Continue reading

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مهرجان المميزون في رمضان

الهام جنها ضعفانه ..وبثينه شكلها حدها غير..لتكملت باقي الاصور

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