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Homeless Boy Puts Judges Into Tears

First of all, I never even knew Korea had this show. Secondly, this is incredibly touching. An astonishing story about a boy who lived alone since he was 5 years old selling gum on the streets. Got shivers throughout the whole performance, Susan … Continue reading

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A Bug On a Cheesecake From The Cheesecake Factory

Unfortunately, I did not make a big hassel out of this. I am not that kind of a guy who calls the manager and yells or make a big fuss. I just called the waiter told him to get me … Continue reading

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البرنامج ؟ يهزأ من سعود الورع

 برنامح البرنامج؟ مع المذيع باسم يوسف يستهزيء بقناة سكوب وسعود الورع أثر موقفهم المؤيد للرئيس المخلوع حسني مبارك قناة سكوب فشلتونا وخليتونا اضحوكه

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حريق ضخم في مطعم دجاج تكا الي في السالمية

Via Frankom 

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What’s Going On in The Apple Store’s

RIP Steve

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Steve Jobs Dies at Age 56

Inspired many, changed the world and left a footprint in each individual. May you rest in peace Steve.

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Hurricane Irene Hits Philadelphia Strongly

I’m sure, you guys already heard and knew what was going on, unless you live in a cave. Anywho, so since the day I arrived in Philly the hurricane started, talking about bad luck? Yeah I know. Anyways so unfortunately … Continue reading

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