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Swarovski Earphone Jack Accessory for i-Phone

The new earphone jack accessory is filled with sparkling Swarovski stones. It shines every time you pick up your phone. Not only will it prevent your earphone jack from getting dust, it will also make a beautiful decoration for your … Continue reading

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Twitter’s New Feature

I’m sure you’ve noticed pictures that come up automatically or pressing the display button on the right side of the guy/girl you’ve been stalking at 3 am in the morning every single day. Well, doesn’t that make stalking so much … Continue reading

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Google Knows When Your Internet is Running Slow

And this picture(above) proves it. Fascinating what google can do. I’m not sure if you guys have noticed that before, but I just did. I mean especially with the quality of internet we have here in Kuwait, do I need to … Continue reading

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Very Unprofessional of Zain!

I came back from the U.S yesterday, and my zain account is set up on prepaid. Anyways, so I wanted to set up my blackberry service, so I send a text “BB” to 99900, and I get no response. I … Continue reading

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Now You Don’t Have To Worry About Getting Your Laptop Stolen Or Lost, Not With “Hidden” At least

This is a pretty cool app, you can locate your MacBooks and IMacs where ever you are or wherever the laptops are. I’m not sure our laptops gets stolen that often, but I guess this could help if it does. … Continue reading

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سبر – جريده الكترونيه كويتيه

 سبر جريده الكترونيه جديده يملكها الكاتبان محمد الوشيحي و سعود العصفور نتمنى لسبر التوفيق والاستمرار Link

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And That’s How The New White I-Phone Looks

So apparently, it’s exactly like the the black one, it just comes in white now!

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