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Phoenix Suffers From a Massive Dust Storm

Apparently, we are not the only people who are meant to suffer from the dust storms we get every weekend. This reminds me of the storm that hit Kuwait a couple of months ago, am not sure which is stronger though. This … Continue reading

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I’m Back!

I’m finally back! I got here yesterday, One of the most tiring trips ever! For those who have no idea where I was, I was in Philadelphia, PA. What was I doing there? College, yes! Anyways, it’s been nearly 8 … Continue reading

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مبروك يالوحده

احتازت قائمة الوحدة الطلابية على مقاعد الهيئة الادارية لاتحاد طلبتنا في امريكا للمرة الثامنة على التوالي بعد فوزها في الانتخابات للعام النقابي 2010- 2011 بعدد 626 صوتا مقابل 490 صوتا للقائمة  المنافسة لها قائمة المستقبل الطلابي.

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Going To Miami

I’m attending the conference that is held by NUKS in Miami, and it will be on thanksgiving, so I am leaving tonight and I’ll be back on the 28th. I will try my best to update the blog as much … Continue reading

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المتحجبات في امريكا

كثير من الامريكيات المسلمات في امريكا..من فوق حجاب وديانه ..ومن تحت حفر وشورت..اتوقع انهم فاهمين سالفه الحجاب غلط

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Apartment in Miami

على انها بسيطه لكنها جميله ومريحه LINK

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What Can $1 USD Buy in Other Countries

I wonder what can 1 KD buy in other countries? I bet double or triple what $1 can do. To have a better look at the map and items press here Thanks Mohammad Al-Sarraf

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